Taste is cultivated

Here, we claim quality, all the more interesting as it becomes rare. The cultivation is done in the open field to ensure the taste and greater resistance of the products.

Whatever the season, the key word is freshness!

Thanks to our proximity (40km from Paris), we ensure the delivery of the cup of the day. We use only green manures and organic fertilizers.

Everything is put in place to preserve the integrity of the freshness of the products.

Some buyers come to the aurora to review the products and place their orders. Sonia presents on the Carreau, phone then Julien who is on the farm in Chailly en Biere.

Here, we kept the ancestral gesture enriched by the most modern techniques.

The cultivation is done in the open field to ensure the taste and greater resistance of the products.

A company of the Ile-de-France region


The Ile-de-France, land of the Francs, cradle of what will become, over time a region, in turn admired and envied by the whole world!

How can we not link this history with the geography of a territory, the quality of a terroir, the value of a land? A land of nourishment, which from the furthest part of history has always furnished with its delicacies, the tables of our kings.

There are still men and women in Ile-de-France who, for generations, braving the vagaries of the climate and the whims of the sky, continue untiringly, as a sacred gesture - common to all gardeners - to kneel before The land to draw succulents and consecrate a terroir. They are the artisans of the market gardening in the Ile-de-France region. The producers of the terroir of Ile-de-France!

And among these craftsmen, the Beausse Family, for several generations defies time and urbanization by proposing products, grown in the open ground in Chailly-en-Bière and Barbizon on the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau, in the heart of the Regional park of Gâtinais.



Earth, marriage between the Earth and History


E.A.R.L. BEAUSSE Marc, faithful to a mode of ancestral culture perpetuates the reunion with the culinary and gastronomic traditions of the country of the Francs. It becomes innovative by making old suavities endure. More than innovative, it becomes trendy!

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